My name is Svetlana Tananykina.

I am an artist and an illustrator.
I graduated the Art & Graphics department of the Moscow Pedagogical State University in 2006.

I specialize in creating vector portraits and illustrations.

You can order portraits of your relatives, friends and the loved ones.
It can be a portrait of your beautiful wife, wedding portrait of bridegroom and bride, magical portrait of your child, dear parents, grandparents or even your ancestors from old pictures.
Your fantasy can have no limits!
I will make your dream come true!

Vector image has many advantages:
1) It is always original. You can choose the style of the future picture by yourself (Art deco, fantasy, photorealism…), choose color gamma if you already know where to hang the picture.
2) Vector format allows to print a picture of any size (even for the billboard). You can save it as a screensaver for your cell phone;
make a poster;
for girls – you can transfer the image to tissue, for example on a T-shirt, bag, or on glass;
use as a distinguished userpic, etc.
There is always room for your fantasy!


  • ADT Web Solutions,
  • Pirogov's bureau,
  • KSAN internet laboratory,
  • RA Fabula,
  • Porsche,
  • PROFF,
  • Akvion,
  • Anapa Film,
  • CNT,
  • Santek,
  • Russian World Studio,
  • For Video,
  • L'etoile,
  • Togas Studio,
  • BarStars,
  • M&TM Freight,
  • publishing house Belfax,
  • publishing house Independent Media – Cosmopolitan,
  • Kart Motors,
  • Paradiso,
  • NeoPro,
  • etc...


phone:+7 (915) 138-0681
ICQ:428 094 952